RWI can support your institution to be on the right path for a long time to come. Together we will help you to design, develop and implement powerful solutions-based on research, operated on data, collaboratively planned with your experts and ours, and implemented by your own professionals.
Program Development and Program Improvement 

RWI can support various stages by providing instrumental information for program improvement.  Ongoing information is provided through the specifications of mixed-method evaluations to support quality improvement and to inform necessary mid-course corrections.  Also, impacts and effects are rigorously verified.

Performance Management/Performance Measurement 

Expert assistance is provided for information about causal links in the program, as well as in the development of performance indicators and monitoring and reporting structures.


We have a broadly trained expert team with wide-ranging experience in the application of evaluation information.

Professional Development 

On-site and distance learning can be provided and directly linked to your needs.

Data Collection, Management, and Analysis

Services for all areas of the collection, management, and analysis of primary data is provided.