Program Development and Program Improvement

Programs are "a set of related, purposive activities that are intended to achieve one or several related results."  RWI works with managers on the improvement of present programs as well as in the design and implementation of new programs in their service delivery context.  Our support is client tailored.  Examples of the type of assistance in the area of program development and program improvement include, but are not limited to:
  • Support for performance based program design and development using developmental evaluation for programs/intervention in the design phase.
  • Logic modeling of present interventions to map existing program.
  • Logic modeling of proposed interventions to map integration of change to present context.
  • Application of data-based information to the identification of intermediate and outcome (results chain) metrics.
  • Evaluability assessment
  • Authoring of Evaluation Plan for public or benevolent support applications, typically via grant funding.
  • Design of Implementation (Formative) and Impact (Summative) Evaluations.

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