Professional Development

Research Works, Inc. provides professional development services that help you to educate, develop, and retain your professional and support staff.  RWI’s professional development model includes establishing what the participants already know and understand so we can build on that to provide a program tailored to your context.

Our process is tailored to individual clients and/or to the details of the area of instruction for the PD.  As an example, in general we provide:

  • Identification of needs, both general to the sector context and specific to the organizational context.  This can include, but is not limited to: needs assessment surveys, interviews, or focus forums (depending on organization's size); review of other indicators of need by performance; and client agreement on next steps.

  • Design of Professional Learning Opportunities using existing materials, emergent and applied learning tools, online and/or in-person instruction, etc.

  • Delivery and monitoring of delivery success, including in-person and MOODLE online delivery.

  • If appropriate, support of implementation of processes instructed on for agreed period.

  • Always a same day and three-month later collection of participant response to the training and effective use of the instruction materials, points, etc.

For information or clarification please telephone 877-766-1370 or email