Management Consulting

  • We know about orderly change-from vision and concept to your organization's ideal through planning for results, learning how to apply data-based management and effecting seamless operations.

  • We have experience guiding staff through operations and program change and do it grounded in your organization's strengths and addressing needs head-on.

  • And through training by our experts in evaluation capacity building we facilitate your development of your own data-based decision making model to suit your organization perfectly.

PK-12 Education And Training

  • We know about the use of Learning Trajectories and how to teach administrative staff and instructional staff how to generate them for themselves.

  • We understand the need to use embedded curricula within trajectories to increase time for the deeper diving necessary to get student 'future ready,' and we can show you how.

  • The use of new technologies and open license instructional resources are important to understand, and our team has examples, links, and online forums to make it easy on the newbies and worth it for the leaders.

Our company has years of experience working with teachers, administrators and parents to clarify the Common Core and other emerging standards banks.