Evaluation is rigorous study of the results of a program's implementation, including if it could or should be replicated, expanded, or discontinued.  Together as components of performance management,  evaluation and performance measurement supply organizations with data-based evidence on policy and program accomplishments.  Specifically, evaluation can be performed internally or externally.  Internal evaluation differs from external in that the person or more often team performing the evaluation are employed by the organization implementing the program under scrutiny.  External evaluation is done by an outside professional evaluator or team from an evaluation organization.
If your are seeking help with internal evaluation, Research Works, Inc. will support your internal evaluation team, including help with the basics, establishing a study from start to finish, or support during identified periods of the study.  Building in-house evaluation capabilities is a positive aspect of your organization which our company is proud to facilitate and support.
External evaluation is often needed for programs receiving not-for-profit or public funding.  We have been called in also in circumstance where organizational boards want some clear 'outcomes' assessed for their program interventions.  Whatever the reason for your need for an external evaluator, RWI can provide the expert advice and practical help you need.
Our company is run by Dr. Toms who has a PhD concentration in evaluation.  She insists that the evaluators from RWI have both applied professional experience in their area of expertise and formal training in evaluation theory and practice.
Research Works, Inc. can help you clarify your goals, focus your efforts, and achieve the results you are looking for from your investment in evaluation.
For information or clarification please telephone 877-766-1370 or email Contact@ResearchWorks.org